Our Team

invest-withGAF management team brings years of experience in both domestic and international business. Mr. James M. Sanigular, founder of GAF and current President and CEO, has a long tenure in both the finance industry and the food industry. Ms. Karon Sanigular draws on her 15 years of professional experience in administration and operations to effectively execute the duties as GAF Vice President of Administration. Mr. Lynn B Keefer brings 35 years of international and domestic business experience in corporate management, marketing/sales, global supply chain management, and, compliance, provides consultation services in the area of GAF Strategic Marketing. Our current team also includes Mr. Mohammed Casey, an experienced professional chef specializing in foods from East Africa and Mr. Warbah Zubah, an experienced sales professional specializing in foods from West Africa.

Mr.Sanigular and Mr.Zubah are first generation American citizens from Liberia. This heritage provides a value-add to GAF in terms of understanding and working with the target consumers residing in North America, navigating the African supply chain business opportunities and processes, and educating our customers. It also provides GAF with the adequate relationships with suppliers, regulators and investors to both, increase our imports from Africa and to build and overlook the new facility in Liberia.