GAF Private Placement

In November 2015 GAF launched a Private Placement. This was the culmination of years of work that paid off.

In 2011 when GAF was incorporated, our strategy was to experiment with introducing African Products to the shelves of supermarkets. After months trying products, getting to know our audience their tastes, we started investing with our own capital and $500,000 in debt on African Products, a facility and marketing.

In 2013 once the first stage of the GAF master plan was implemented, we started seeing growth rates in sales that ranged from 100% the first year to 60% in 2015.

Now demand is becoming exponential, the supermarkets where we already provide our products want to double or triple their shelf space of African and Caribbean food. In addition, those that we do not yet supply, want to join the African trend.

Given this growth in demand, and our inability to match it organically, we are carrying a funding campaign over the next months to raise up to One Million Dollars in private equity. If you are interested in becoming a shareholder, please email us at: to talk directly with our CEO and request more information. to request the legal documents and become a shareholder.

With this funding, GAF will begin implementing the second stage of our master plan. This focuses on creating a more socially responsible business model. Our vision is to give opportunities of prosperity to the people in Africa, starting with Liberia. Our plan is to create a facility in Monrovia, where we will process and package food under US standards and buy directly from farmers. This method will allow local farmers to market their food. Without buyer’s, their products would go to waste due to their inability to freeze or refrigerate them. By keeping the production in Liberia, we can help their economy while adopting a more vertical structure that will allow us to increase our profit margin.

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