GAF’s Vision

Farmers in Africa are unable to successfully preserve their crops, and in turn their livelihood. Food producers all across the continent have very few ways to process, conserve and package the necessary sustenance on which their families and them depend on. As a result, their ability to feed their families throughout the year is not based on the amount produced or farmed, but instead on their limited resources to preserve it.

This is the core to our mission, and what makes us work harder than anyone in our industry to accomplish it. We are aware that our mission is not an easy one, but our business model based on buying directly in, and from Africa, is within itself part of the answer. However, there is much more we can strive to do for these people, while also making our business more profitable.

In addition to our producers, there is one more group we are committed to: our customers, in particular, African immigrants that live in the US. By making available African food in American supermarkets, we are able to provide immigrants the opportunity to buy the food they were raised on; we are creating a sense of belonging. It is deeply rewarding to see many of our customers’ expressions when they see our products in a supermarket for the first time. We are firmly committed to continue bringing African smiles to the American supermarkets.

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